Best Resin Ring

Best Resin Ring

Do you know the simple steps to make resin jewelry

Jewelry can never be considered as something less important because the beauty of jewelry is increasing day by day. Especially, resin jewelry is considered as one of the best and it is available in jewelry shops and boutiques as well. Anyway, you would have known that making resin pendant, resin ring and other jewelry is not difficult yet we don’t prefer to make it because we assume that it could be hard.  For your relief it is not at all difficult so now in this article we will mention the steps to make resin jewelry.

What are the required materials?

If you want to make unique resin jewelry you do not need much stuff or tools. You would need only a few tools and some material. So, what are the materials required?

  • Crafting epoxy
  • Jewelry Mold
  • Wax paper
  • Medicine cups
  • Latex gloves
  • Blow-dryer
  • Wooden stick (popsicle)
  • Plastic bin or shoebox
  • Resin filters ( dried flowers, studs, feathers)
  • Jewry items
  • E-6000 quick hold adhesive to make rings and pins
  • Measuring cup (optional)

Once you have all the items you should consider the procedures for making the jewelry.

How to make the jewelry?

Let us now check out the steps to making the jewelry. Here we go;

  • You should keep the resin in a hot water bowl so it becomes softened.
  • When the resins are softened it can be mixed easily and without having the trouble of air bubbles. You should make sure to cover the place where you are working with wax paper (it doesn’t get washed).
  • You should use the resin mold to organize the filters. Before you pour the resin you should cut down everything together.
  • Once you are done with the cutting procedure the next is to mix the resin. Use the measuring cup to add one part to another. You should mix for almost two minutes at a stretch.
  • If you are using the measuring cup you should have the measurements as ¼ resin and ¼ cup hardener.
  • First of all, pour the resin layer, then keep the item and pour another layer of fillers if you feel like it is needed. If you prefer glittered jewelry you should pour a little glitter on the molds. If you want to get rid of the air bubbles you should use the blow-dryer to blow it off. You should let it hardened for a night at least and better place it in a shoe box so you can protect it well.
  • Sometimes it would not have been hardened so you can easily keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

So, after all these steps you will be able to create a unique Resin ring. Everyone loves the unique stuff so if you are buying you will not be able to purchase a unique jewel. Rather than purchasing the jewel, you can simply make it. You do not have to go through any hard procedures because we have mentioned a few simple ways to make a ring or other jewelry.